Beached sailboat

A violent storm ripped through northwest Lower Michigan a few years back. The winds and waves pulled up anchors of several boats in West Grand Traverse Bay. This is one of two sailboats that washed up on Clinch Park Beach during the night. sailboat 1-1200_fhdrADJ

Swimming in the Au Sable River

Summer afternoons are well spent swimming in a northern Michigan river. The flowing water sparkles in the sunlight and refreshes the mind.

River swimming brings its own kind of joy. Floating gently in the cool water as the current presses past your skin on its journey to the big lake. The alternating bright sun and gentle shade of the pines. Perhaps a glimpse of a shiny trout shooting across a riffle of fast water.


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Land, sea and stormclouds

The borderline between land and water is always fascinating. The day I took this photograph was stormy. Massive banks of clouds rushed straight toward the shore from across Lake Michigan. A few minutes after this image was created, the clouds let loose a torrent of rain that made it impossible to see more than a few yards.

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