Beached sailboat

A violent storm ripped through northwest Lower Michigan a few years back. The winds and waves pulled up anchors of several boats in West Grand Traverse Bay. This is one of two sailboats that washed up on Clinch Park Beach during the night. sailboat 1-1200_fhdrADJ

Fishtown afternoon

Digital Painting:

A fish tug sits at dock in Fishtown in Leland.
Fishtown is an authentic remnant of history, a collection of structures grouped around the river mouth in Leland Harbor, which has been home the last few years to a variety of businesses that depend on tourists. At last inspection, there were a candy store, several clothing shops, a cheese and sandwich shop, some gift shops, and a shoe store.
Just down the dock is the office of the company that shuttles passengers to both North Manitou Island and South Manitou Island.
And a few steps away, you’ll find downtown Leland, with a couple of blocks of shops and restaurants.

Tall ship downtown

Just half a block from downtown, Clinch Park beach attracts a family crowd. Tall ships wander by regularly all summer long. And shopping is great just a few steps away.

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