Fishtown afternoon

Digital Painting:

A fish tug sits at dock in Fishtown in Leland.
Fishtown is an authentic remnant of history, a collection of structures grouped around the river mouth in Leland Harbor, which has been home the last few years to a variety of businesses that depend on tourists. At last inspection, there were a candy store, several clothing shops, a cheese and sandwich shop, some gift shops, and a shoe store.
Just down the dock is the office of the company that shuttles passengers to both North Manitou Island and South Manitou Island.
And a few steps away, you’ll find downtown Leland, with a couple of blocks of shops and restaurants.

MG TC on Union Street

Digital Painting:

Summer sunshine lures all sorts of interesting vehicles out of storage and onto the streets of Traverse City. This beautifully restored MG TC cruises south on Union Street.

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